The Maritime Republic of Eastport

So it’s a little late coming, but here’s the announcement: We’ve made it to Annapolis! After nearly 2,500 miles since March, some rough seas, some crazy storms, and a lot of beautiful sunsets, we’re finally at our new home. It still feels a little weird to think that we’re not moving again, but we’ve found a nice little marina in Eastport Annapolis (or for those in the know, the Maritime Republic of Eastport), and we’re really excited about the neighborhood and the town. It seems like we’ve finally found the small town feel we’ve grown accustomed to, but with the big city conveniences right at our fingertips. As far as cruising is concerned, Annapolis has it all. There’s vendors and services for everything boat related. There’s lots to do in walking distance, and it’s very dog friendly. There’s good food and almost all of the restaurants we’ve seen aren’t chains or franchises. We are only an hour away from our family, so that’s pretty nice too. We’re worried about our first winter in 3 years, but I’m sure we’ll toughen up in time. So that’s the scoop. Stop on by and we’ll show you the town and share a story or two.

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