For about a year, we searched for a boat to sail across the oceans of the world, to the see the reefs and islands that are off the tourists’ path, and to travel in a manner which highlights the belief that the journey is just as important as the destination.

We found Altair and have made her our home and our very slow but reliable transportion for this adventure. She is a beautiful boat, and we are very happy with her. Altair is her original name and is the name of the 12th brightest star in the night sky.

Altair is a 37 foot, cutter-rigged, sloop with character and history. She is in good condition and has been maintained and used up until the time she was purchased. She is a bit of a melting pot of materials. The hull is steel, the cabin superstructure is aluminum, the centerboards are a composite material glassed over with epoxy resin, and the spars are wooden. She was built in the early ’60s in Wisconsin to transit the canals of the Mediteranean. Since then, she has sailed down the mighty Mississippi, across the Atlantic and back, through the Panama Canal, to Alaska and then back through the Panama Canal to where we found her in Florida. And that’s only the beginning.

She needs some work to restore her to her full, former, glory, but it’s nothing a little time and elbow grease can’t fix.

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